Swivel And Rigid Castors- Can Both Work For You?
T Tracey Williams

Swivel And Rigid Castors- Can Both Work For You?

Dec 6, 2022

Choosing the right castor wheels for your trolley, cage or other equipment is important, as it will ensure you can easily move items around, safely and efficiently. But, should you opt for swivel or rigid castors? Here's everything you need to know.

Swivel And Rigid Castors Explained

The key difference between the swivel and rigid castors is that with swivel ones, you can rotate the wheels in a 360-degree motion, whereas rigid castors only move in a straight line, forwards and backwards, with no turning movement.

Both swivel and rigid castors have a wide use of applications in lots of different industries, each coming with their benefits and drawbacks. Deciding which one is right for you depends on several different factors.


When deciding whether you need rigid (or fixed, as it's more commonly known) castors or swivel ones, think about how big your workspace area is. If you need to move items from one point to another over a large distance, in a straight line, then you'll probably find that rigid heavy duty castors will fit the bill. On the other hand, if you need to move a trolley or cage in a confined area, over a short distance, with a good degree of mobility and manoeuvrability, you'll benefit from choosing heavy duty swivel castors instead.

Bear in mind that rigid castors are much easier to position and move than swivel ones, so if you need to use equipment with castors regularly, you might want to go for the easier option of rigid types. However, if being able to steer equipment accurately and precisely is more important, heavy-duty swivel castor wheels are your best bet.

When choosing castor wheels, consider how much weight you'll need to move around. Rigid castors tend to be stronger than swivel ones, so are better at holding more weight.

Benefits Of Swivel Castors

Although swivel castors are more expensive than their rigid counterparts, in some working scenarios where a lot of manoeuvrability is needed, they are essential. They are especially handy when working in tight spaces. Choosing a heavy-duty braked swivel castor is also a good option to prevent the wheels from moving when the trolley is stationary.

Benefits Of Rigid Castors

Rigid castors are an affordable option if you're seeking castors that are easy to control when moving items in a straight line. Because of the ease of movement, these castors are safe and great for carrying heavy loads. Their durability also means they're less likely to succumb to damage, although they can be easily fixed if required.

Choose Both!

The good news is that you don't necessarily have to pick between the swivel and rigid castors, as you can enjoy the best of both worlds by combining both types. For example, you could have one type of castor at the front of your trolley or other equipment, and the other type at the back.

When deciding which type of castors you require, take a look at the products and services provided by Rolltek.

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