Which Industries Are Industrial Grade Wheels Best Suited To?
T Tracey Williams

Which Industries Are Industrial Grade Wheels Best Suited To?

Feb 2, 2023

Industrial castor wheels offer superior reliability and durability, and are therefore the best choice for heavy duty and intensive use applications.

Since industrial wheels are hard wearing and long lasting, they can help make operations smoother, contribute to better productivity, and save on maintenance and repairs costs.

Today, we’ll look at the sectors that can benefit from using industrial-grade castors and wheels on their mobile equipment.



1) Warehousing

Warehouses can’t function without mobile transport  equipment like pallet trucks, trolleys, and roll cages, whose efficiency greatly depends on which castors and wheels are fitted on them.

Warehouses and logistics venues require reliable and high-load capacity castor wheels, which are sometimes called extra heavy duty castors. These can handle loads of up to 20,000 lbs, which means they are very useful for stacking shelves due to the weight they are able to support. They are also ideal for safe stock loading and unloading.

2) Hospitality And Travel

Companies operating in hospitality and travel also benefit from reliable industrial castor wheels. Think about the amount of use that luggage trolleys get in airports, train stations, and other transportation hubs. Also, many airport operations rely on equipment that can support heavy loads, such as catering carts.

In the hospitality sector, laundry, food, and supplies carts are needed for the smooth functioning of operations, and these often require industrial grade wheels since they make it easier to carry bulky loads quickly and without needing to do unnecessary trips.

3) The ‘Outdoor Sector’

The ‘outdoor sector’ has very varied equipment requirements, as you can imagine by just thinking about the diverse types of companies that operate in it, from those involved in the exploitation and management of natural resources to media, film production, and adventure sports businesses.

Companies that operate outdoors need industrial grade wheels on much of their equipment, since these are the only wheels capable of withstanding temperature fluctuations, exposure to wet weather, and uneven terrain conditions.

4) Catering

Mobile equipment in catering businesses is exposed to variable temperature and humidity conditions, and needs tight control systems in place to avoid collisions with people and furniture in busy environments . Kitchens, storage rooms, and catering venues can get extremely wet and hot (think about steamy kitchens), but also experience strong contrasts, such as below-zero temperatures in walk-in freezers. Industrial grade wheels are specifically built to withstand varied and harsh conditions like these without developing cracks or rust.

Find out more

Rolltek is the UK’s specialist in industrial grade wheels. We manufacture and assemble a variety of wheels and castors that meet the requirements of businesses in the warehousing, hospitality, travel, catering, outdoor, and logistics sectors, to mention just a few. For more details and to request our 2022 product catalogue, please get in touch with one of our service team today.

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