A castor wheel on a shop floor is currently struggling due to not being kept in top shape with maintenance.
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From Dirty To Durable: Cleaning and Maintenance Tips For Your Castors

Feb 21, 2024 · industrial castors · industrial trolley wheels

As the direct point of contact with floors, castors and wheels inevitably accumulate dirt, debris, and grime that can cause them to grind to a halt if left unchecked. However, although inconvenient, a jammed wheel doesn’t always necessitate complete replacement: with regular cleaning and preventative maintenance, it is easy to keep wheels and castors in top-quality condition for smooth and trouble-free performance day after day.

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So, how should you clean castor wheels to extend their lifespan and reduce the need for more costly replacements?

Carry Out Periodic Inspections

Firstly, it is important to periodically inspect the wheels and brackets on your equipment at a convenient time when it isn’t in use. Check for compacted debris lodged in crevices, cracks, or wheel bearings that could affect the smooth rotation of the wheel. Using a stiff nylon brush and cloth, dislodge any accumulations of dirt, taking care not to apply excess pressure against the wheel tread to prevent damage.

Remove the castor and wheel for deeper cleaning, and use a degreaser to break up oily grime before scrubbing. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Scan sidewalls for cuts or damage to the wheel that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Keep Floors Clean

In high-traffic areas with regular footfall or equipment movement, it is crucial to keep the floors as clean as possible to prevent wheels and castors from picking up dirt. Occasional sweeping and damp mopping will reduce debris on the floor and help minimise it from working its way into castor wheels and their mountings. For improved traction on hard surfaces that are regularly cleaned and may be wet, replace hard plastic wheels with softer compounds designed to achieve a better grip, or invest in non-marking rubber wheels that will effortlessly glide across floors without slipping.

Regularly Assess The Wheel Components

You can extend the lifespan of your castors by regularly checking the brackets for loose nuts or bolts to verify that they are securely fixed. Most brackets utilise a fast-release axle for quick and easy wheel swaps without needing specialist tools or knowledge when replacement is necessary. Understanding the wheel load limits and ensuring the weight of equipment falls within the recommended guidelines will also extend their lifespan, as overloading accelerates wear.

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A few moments designated for inspection and cleaning make all the difference in castor performance and longevity. However, sometimes wheels and castors will need to be replaced, so if you believe your equipment is past the point of maintenance, please take a look at our extensive range or click here to get in touch today.

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