Quietly Marked Castors - The Next Big Thing?
T Tracey Williams

Quietly Marked Castors - The Next Big Thing?

Dec 27, 2022

Ambient noise pollution from rolling crate wheels is a growing concern in some workplaces. Poorly fitted, low-grade, worn-out plastic and metal castors can develop annoying squeaks, grating, and grinding noises as they age. Even with top performance levels, a poor, outdated choice of castor can result in conductive vibration loudly rattling transit cages and fastenings.

In high-traffic areas with rough flooring like supermarkets and warehouses, nuisance noise from castors blends into a mass. This noise jam creates endless, scrambled background static that causes headaches, distractions, and blocks conversations.

To help guard against ambient noise pollution, Rolltek has partnered with noise-reduction organisation Quiet Mark to develop our new Low Noise Roll Cage Kit. The kit contains everything you need to upgrade a standard-sized trolley cage with four ultra-low-noise castors and dampener fittings. Here's how it works.

What Are Quietly-Marked Castors?

Our Quietly-Marked Castors are high-durability, low-noise, low-vibration wheels built to exact specifications that greatly limit the unwanted, 'wasted' wheel movement that cause noise vibrations.

They've been certified by Quiet Mark as meeting their benchmarks as an item that reduces useless background noise. As micro-movements and vibrations are the source of ambient pollution from castors, adding some clever vibration reduction to create a smoother ride takes working noise levels down to practically nothing.

Four high-impact polymer wheels, rubber side shock absorbers, two swivel mounts, and two limited motion (fixed) rear castor mounts make up the castors. Our Roll Cage Kit includes two additional HDPE plastic and magnetic sound limiting plates to reduce load weight and absorb any vibration left.

Why Use Quietly-Marked Castors?

Noise reduction and limitation are essential to a healthy and pleasant workplace and shopping environment. By reducing background noise back to nominal levels, customer engagement and employee productivity are both improved. People will want to spend more time in noise-balanced spaces.

As well as making interiors disability friendly and more pleasant to work and shop in, retrofitting your roll cages with Quiet Mark approved equipment bolsters your brand's identity. Up-to-date, user-friendly castors help companies build a modern, open, accommodating image. 

Reducing noisy vibration boosts performance and cuts wear and tear, too. Carts benefit from the increased downforce and manoeuvrability provided by eco-friendly, longer-lasting wheels.

Quiet Mark And Rolltek International

Rolltek is proud to partner with Quiet Mark. Independent, industry-leading certification and consultancy allow us to deliver cutting-edge noise-reducing castors and mounts. Please call 01327313125 to find out more.

Image source: Unsplash

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