How Castors Can Help with Noise Reduction In Your Warehouse
T Tracey Williams

How Castors Can Help with Noise Reduction In Your Warehouse

Dec 20, 2022

Noise in the workplace can be detrimental in several ways. It can seriously affect the productivity of your staff if they are unable to focus on their work and, in the most serious cases, can even damage their hearing if suitable control measures are not put in place. It can be obtrusive, disturbing visitors and customers, and may affect the quality of life for local residents.

In a warehouse, shop, or production facility, where stock is constantly moved in high volumes using trolleys, the noise from castors can be considerable. That’s why it’s important to assess whether a noise-reducing castor wheel is an appropriate solution for your workplace.

What are polyurethane castor wheels?

Castor wheels can be manufactured from different materials, each of which offers its own benefits. Plastic castors are often chosen for their smooth operation and durability; however, when considering how to make plastic wheels quieter, you should opt for polyurethane (PU) castors.

PU castors are manufactured with a synthetic rubber that combines the durability and strength of metal wheels with the elasticity of rubber. Because PU castors are made by blending chemicals which are set in a mould, they can be made to achieve different levels of hardness to suit the intended application.

Why are PU castors better at reducing sound?

Polyurethane, with its elastic properties, is an excellent suppressor of sound, so trolleys fitted with PU wheels are less likely to create unreasonable noise when in operation. Polyurethane castors absorb impacts and vibration, resulting in quieter movements. In more demanding applications, heavy duty polyurethane castors are designed to withstand considerable weight, without compromising on their smoothness or quietness.

By contrast, a steel castor wheel, while strong enough to support heavy weights, cannot always absorb or distribute impacts effectively, leading to a high level of vibration noise during rolling.

How Rolltek solved the problem of noise pollution in a leading supermarket chain

As experts in manufacturing and supplying castor wheels for a variety of applications, Rolltek were tasked by a leading supermarket brand to reduce noise pollution in its stores. The roll-cages used to transfer groceries from delivery lorries into the stores produced excessive noise which, in built-up areas, contravened local government rules about noise pollution outside normal opening hours.

Our experts recommended replacing nylon wheels, which generate high volumes of noise, with modern low-noise polyurethane alternatives, ensuring the roll-cages could be moved quickly and easily – and, of course, quietly!

Look out for the Quiet Mark

The Quiet Mark is an independent scheme that certifies products which reduce noise pollution. For many years, Rolltek has worked tirelessly to reduce the noise associated with mobile equipment and has been awarded the Quiet Mark for its successes in designed, manufacturing, and supplying businesses with low-noise castors.

If you’re looking for a quieter way to shift products around your warehouse, shop, or other facility, aim to work with a supplier of castors which is committed to achieving low levels of noise. Ask whether your chosen products have been awarded the Quiet Mark, as this will indicate they have been rigorously tested to meet demanding criteria.

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