An industrial kitchen used for food catering with equipment operated using wheels and castors.
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How Are Castors And Wheels Used In The Catering Industry

Nov 20, 2023 · industrial castors · industrial trolley wheels
An industrial kitchen used for food catering with equipment operated using wheels and castors.


The dining industry is invariably fast-paced and hectic, as restauranteurs, hoteliers, and outside caterers work tirelessly to deliver the highest standard of service for guests. Whether you are catering for a lavish wedding reception in an outdoor marquee or a corporate dinner in a high-class hotel, it’s crucial that you have access to mobile equipment that helps move food and drink around quickly, safely, and effortlessly.

Castors and wheels play a crucial role in facilitating the movement of trolleys, food stations, transport dollies, and other equipment, which, in this article, we’ll explore.

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Food Trolleys

Food trolleys equipped with high-quality castors are the workhorses of busy catering operations. With multiple shelves and a sturdy construction, they enable an efficient cafeteria-style service in establishments where there are many guests. The castors allow staff to manoeuvre hot plates, chilled platters, and heavy utensils easily and safely from the kitchen to the dining area so that food is ready to be served as soon as guests arrive.

Mobile Food Stations

Mobile food stations are a unique feature of some catering establishments, adding an interactive element to the dining experience. With many different purposes - carving stations, dessert trolleys, and wine bars, among others - they create a sense of excitement at any venue and provide enhanced efficiency and versatility for staff. Mounting mobile food stations on castors gives catering teams the flexibility to reposition them according to guest flow and demand.

Transport Dollies

To support major events, caterers must transport large volumes of food, drinks, serving equipment, and other materials from kitchens to the site, so it is essential that they have access to sturdy trolleys that facilitate easy movement. Transport dollies equipped with wheels or castors allow the efficient loading and unloading of supplies. Heavy-duty or industrial castors withstand repeated use on ramps and uneven terrain and also resist the ingress of water and cooking oils.

Catering Equipment

Refrigerated preparation tables, steam tables, warming cabinets, ice machines, and other catering appliances often feature integrated castors, allowing equipment to be smoothly manoeuvred to optimise kitchen, serving, and dining layouts. With the benefit of catering trolley wheels, appliances can also be quickly repositioned during an event to meet demand and stored afterwards until they are next needed.

Stainless Steel Castors

The catering industry relies heavily on stainless steel kitchen castors, which, with all-metal construction, are highly durable and resist frequent sterilisation and high-pressure washing. Stainless steel castors perform reliably in wet environments, such as kitchens and washing areas, while sealed bearings prevent the intrusion of water and grease.

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