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4 Industries In Which Bolt Hole Castors Can Be Used

May 31, 2023 · industrial castors

Warehouse worker working with an industrial roll cage representing four industries bolt hole castors can be used in

A bolt-hole castor is a type of castor that is attached to the base of equipment using a single fastener, such as a bolt, a steel stem, or an expander. Simple and quick to install, the fastener screws or pushes into the centre of the swivel head to provide a secure connection. All bolt hole castors feature a compact swivel design, so they are ideal for equipment with a narrow base that needs to rotate or turn when in use.

Industries Which May Benefit From Bolt Hole Castors

So, how can bolt hole castors be used in different industries and what benefits do they offer?


In factories and warehouses, it’s vital that equipment and materials can be moved quickly and efficiently to maintain high levels of productivity. Bolt hole castors are commonly used in manufacturing facilities to move heavy equipment or materials around the factory floor, thereby helping to maintain operational efficiency and eliminate frustrating periods of downtime while operatives wait for the resources they need.


In hospitals and healthcare clinics, equipment is often moved around to meet patients’ needs, such as medicine trolleys, IV drips, blood pressure monitors, and dialysis machines. Bolt hole castors are the ideal solution for this equipment which usually have narrow legs and have a surface area that is too small for other fixings, such as plates. Bolt hole castors can also support heavy loads, such as hospital beds, so that they can be moved quickly and efficiently along corridors and around corners when patients are transferred to different wards or departments.

Logistics And Warehousing

Rapid fulfilment and shipping are key performance indicators in the eCommerce sector, as a business’s reputation often depends on meeting challenging deadlines to maintain customer satisfaction. Bolt hole castors enable trolleys to be wheeled smoothly and steadily around the warehouse, with excellent swivel motions to negotiate corners and obstructions in aisles. As warehouse staff can move quickly between aisles to pick stock, they can achieve optimum efficiency and productivity.


In the construction industry, bolt hole castors are used to move heavy equipment and machinery between sites. Because the terrain on construction sites is often uneven and, in inclement weather, prone to accumulating water, castors must be robust and durable to withstand the challenging conditions. Bolt hole castors are the ideal solution.

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