What Environments Are Heavy Duty Castor Wheels Suited For?
T Tracey Williams

What Environments Are Heavy Duty Castor Wheels Suited For?

Dec 6, 2022

Castors are available in a variety of styles and designs, so it’s important to choose the most suitable one for your industry and the intended application.

Heavy duty castors are designed to offer a greater than average load bearing capacity without the risk of breaking under pressure. Constructed from superior materials, our range of heavy-duty castors can support weights up to 1000kg and feature robust polyurethane or rubber tyres for easy movement and durability. Heavy duty fixed castors are ideal for straight-line movements, while rotating wheels provide easy manoeuvrability around corners and in restricted spaces.

Where are heavy duty castors most suited for?

Heavy duty wheels and castors are appropriate for working environments where regular castors are unlikely to provide the stability or durability required. While the specific application will determine which type of castor is required, heavy duty wheels are usually used in the following areas:

1) Warehouses

In warehouses, heavy duty castors enable large quantities of stock to be moved as they offer a high load capacity, which is essential for stacking shelves. They also help to facilitate shock loading, in which heavy items are dropped from a height, without risk of damage to the castors.

2) Hospitality and travel

In hotels and airports, heavy duty castors are ideal for the swift movement of luggage and cargo, including over uneven surfaces, such as tarmac.

3) Catering

Regular castor wheels often do not withstand the heat and humidity of commercial kitchens, so heavy-duty versions that are designed to resist wear and corrosion are an ideal alternative. Whether they are exposed to heat, cold, moisture, or foodstuffs, heavy duty wheels will provide the reliable service required in busy kitchen environments.

4) Industrial trolleys and cages

Industrial trolleys and cages are designed to carry heavy weights and rely on strong and durable castor wheels for easy and safe movement. Designed to withstand heavy loads, these castors enable industrial trolleys to travel safely at up to 4km per hour.

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