Heavy Duty Castors: What To Consider When Looking to Buy
T Tracey Williams

Heavy Duty Castors: What To Consider When Looking to Buy

Dec 15, 2022

Heavy duty castors are used extensively in industries where it’s necessary to move heavy loads quickly, easily, and safely. Therefore, it’s important to select the right heavy-duty castors for your needs, as an inappropriate choice will suffer premature wear or, more seriously, fail completely – putting property or people at risk.

What Are Heavy-Duty Castors?

At Rolltek International, we stock a comprehensive range of heavy-duty castors wheels. Able to support weights in excess of 1,000kg, these 200mm castors have a robust, durable rubber or polyurethane tyre for easy manoeuvrability and smooth movement. Super heavy-duty castors are ideal for the heaviest weights, but our castors are not simply designed to move heavy loads easily: when combined with an effective braking system, heavy-duty castors provide exceptional stability to offer the highest level of safety possible.

Should I Purchase Swivel Or Fixed Castors?

Heavy-duty swivel castors rotate through 360° so that equipment can be turned in any direction, making them ideal for negotiating tight corners or restricted spaces in warehouses, hospitals, television studios, and theatres. In contrast, heavy-duty fixed castors provide only smooth forwards and backwards motion along straight corridors or aisles, such as in hotels and supermarkets.

For maximum manoeuvrability, fixed and swivel castors can be combined for stable straight running and cornering.

What Are The Pros Of Heavy-Duty Castors In Different Settings?

Moving heavy weights is necessary in many businesses, so heavy-duty castors are ideal to make the task simpler and safer. In fact, without them productivity would decline rapidly as personnel would spend excessive time struggling to move cumbersome stock in other ways. What features should you be looking for in heavy-duty castors for your setting?

Warehouses: heavy-duty castors are ideal for shelf stacking machines as they can accommodate a high load. They also sustain ‘shock loading’ – when a weight is dropped onto equipment from a height – due to their robust design.

Airports and hotels: holidaymakers expect their luggage to arrive safely when travelling over long distances, so spring-loaded trolleys fitted with heavy duty castors with elastic rubber tyred wheels, are effective in reducing vibration when luggage is moved over unstable surfaces, such as tarmac car parks and runways.

Heavy industry: in industrial settings, rapid movement of stock and materials is often required to optimise output.

Catering: fast-paced catering settings, such as walk-in cold stores or steamy kitchens, pose additional risk factors: excessive moisture and extremes of temperature. Heavy-duty stainless-steel castors can be designed to repel heat, cold, and damp and deliver smooth movement for food trolleys and other equipment.

Find Out More

At Rolltek International, we can design and manufacture heavy-duty castors to meet your business’s unique needs. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective, highly efficient, and safe way to move heavy goods around your premises, please message us at sales@rolltek.co.uk, or download our catalogue.


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