A warehouse worker pulling a trolley safely with the use of industrial trolley wheels.
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How Can Industrial Trolley Wheels Prevent Injuries In A Warehouse?

Mar 27, 2023 · industrial trolley wheels

A warehouse worker pulling a trolley safely with the use of industrial trolley wheels.

Workplace injuries cause significant distress, disruption, and expense for employers and employees. With approximately 70,000 non-fatal workplace injuries recorded every year by employers, and over a half a million self-reported injuries, a proactive approach to safety is essential to protect staff and maintain high levels of productivity. 

In warehouses, stock is moved throughout the day on trolleys and, with pressure to achieve rapid fulfilment and shipping times, employees need to work quickly and efficiently. While each staff member must take steps to protect themselves from harm through sensible workplace practices, the design of industrial trolley wheels also plays a key part in minimising accidents in several ways.


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The Importance Of Wheel Quality

Substandard trolley wheels or castors offer poor service and a short lifespan, as they are more prone to wear and tear than industrial types. A wheel failure can be serious and may cause a warehouse accident, so investing in industrial castors is logical as they offer superior reliability, robustness, and resistance to wear.

Load Capacity

If trolleys are used to move heavy loads but the wheels are incapable of supporting the weight, then accidents are more likely to occur. Equipment may fail or the wheels may collapse, leading to a loss of control or the spillage of valuable stock. Industrial trolley wheels are reinforced to sustain loads of up to 1,000kg and feature robust polyurethane or rubber tyres for easy movement and durability.


When shifting heavy loads, it can be challenging to maintain control of a trolley and the risk of an accident is increased. Industrial trolley wheels and castors are designed to improve manoeuvrability, so that warehouse workers can move equipment and stock with ease and less chance of a loss of control.

Floor Protection

Industrial trolley wheels are often fitted with shock absorbers or tread patterns to protect delicate floor surfaces and reduce noise levels. This helps create a safer, more pleasant working environment for warehouse workers.


Where power towing equipment is used in warehouses to move exceptionally heavy or bulky goods, the castors must be fit for this purpose, or their failure is likely. At Rolltek International, our range of wheels and castors includes several types that have hardened ball races to enable safe towing at up to 4km per hour.

Minimal Maintenance

Regular maintenance and replacement of standard industrial wheels can be time-consuming and costly as equipment must be taken out of service. In contrast, industrial trolley wheels are designed to be more durable and require less maintenance, thereby minimising downtime and reducing the risk of accidents caused by equipment failure.

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