A warehouse of trolleys with industrial castors to show how they can save you money.
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How Can Industrial Castors Save You Money?

Apr 10, 2023 · industrial castors

A warehouse of trolleys with industrial castors to show how they can save you money.

Industrial castors play a critical role in industrial environments. When heavy machinery or bulky materials need to be moved from one part of the production line to another, safe and efficient methods are required to protect workers, prevent accidents, and ensure that precious time isn’t lost. Industrial castors and wheels fitted to trolleys, lifting gear, and other transportation devices are specially designed for use in industrial premises – and can save your business money too.

In this article we’ll outline how industrial castors can benefit your business and your budget.

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Increased Efficiency

Industrial castors can make business operations more efficient by helping your staff to move equipment and materials quickly and safely. Less time is required to transport goods from one place to another, which improves efficiency by minimising wasted time and reducing labour costs. Because industrial castors help to shape more flexible work practices, you can also rearrange your equipment and storage to optimise the use of space.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Made from durable materials that resist wear and tear, corrosion, abrasion, and impacts, industrial castors require less maintenance compared to other material handling methods. They can also withstand high temperatures, chemicals, moisture, and dust, making them perfect for harsh industrial environments. Non-marking castor wheels ensure that floors of industrial units are subjected to less wear and tear and reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Improved Safety

Workplace accidents and injuries cost the UK economy over £18bn a year, so it’s vital that the equipment used to move heavy loads is fit for purpose and safe. Industrial castors enhance workplace safety by making it possible to move heavy materials and goods without manual lifting, thereby preventing muscle strains, fatigue, and back injuries for workers. Some industrial castors also have brakes or locks that can prevent unwanted movement or tipping.

Higher Productivity

Industrial castors can boost your business’s productivity by enabling staff to perform more tasks with fewer resources. By making it easier to quickly move equipment and materials, equipment fitted with industrial castors can allow workers to focus on other tasks, thereby improving overall productivity. They also help to reduce downtime by shifting heavy loads without the risk of damage to trolleys and lifting equipment.  

Enhanced Durability

Industrial castors that offer an adequate load capacity and stability can also extend the lifespan of your equipment by providing them with better support and protection, preventing wear and tear and damage. Castors constructed from high-quality materials and treated with protective coatings will resist rust and corrosion in hostile industrial environments, minimising maintenance and replacement fees in future.

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