Close up of industrial trolley wheel and castor.
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Industrial Wheels Vs Castors: What's The Difference?

Aug 24, 2023 · industrial castors · industrial trolley wheels

close up of industrial trolley wheel and castor

You may have heard the terms industrial wheels and castors being used interchangeably. Understanding the differences between the two is critical to selecting the right solution for your requirements. Let's take a closer look at these differences.

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Understanding Industrial Wheels

Industrial wheels are specifically designed to endure the rigours of industrial environments. These wheels are typically more robust and durable than your average wheel, made to withstand heavy loads and harsh conditions. Industrial wheels are round objects that allow for easy movement when force is applied.

At its core, an industrial wheel is simple in design, consisting of a circular hub that rotates around an axle. The uncomplicated design of industrial wheels allows for their use in various applications, making them a versatile solution for different industry requirements. The simplicity of the wheel design also makes it easier to maintain and replace if necessary.


Industrial wheels are essential for a broad spectrum of machinery and equipment. For example, they facilitate the easy transportation of goods around large industrial spaces, whether moving a pallet across a warehouse floor or relocating heavy machinery within a factory. In retail and logistics, meanwhile, wheels are valuable in numerous applications, from simple trolleys to complex conveyor systems.

Industrial wheels come in various materials to suit different needs, including iron, steel, rubber, and polyurethane. Each material provides unique benefits. For instance, rubber wheels are known for their shock-absorbing properties and quiet operation, while steel wheels offer superior load-bearing capabilities and resistance to wear and tear.

A Closer Look At Castors

In contrast to wheels, castors are an assembly of multiple parts, including a wheel. They're specially designed mechanisms that incorporate a wheel mounted to a base, usually within a metal housing or caster frame. This design enables the wheel to rotate 360 degrees, offering excellent manoeuvrability for a variety of applications.

At first glance, a castor may appear as just a wheel in a frame. However, its structure is more complex, specifically designed to offer increased functionality. A typical castor comprises several elements: the mount, the yoke or fork, the swivel bearing, and the wheel.

The mount, or top plate, is the part attached to the object. It's generally flat and features holes for screws or bolts to secure the castor. The yoke or fork holds the wheel in place and is crucial for enabling the wheel to rotate. This component often comes with a swivel bearing that provides the flexibility to turn around freely.

The swivel bearing is located between the fork and the mount, allowing the castor to pivot, and providing the flexibility and mobility that distinguish castors from simple wheels. Finally, the wheel itself is housed within a frame.

The Ease Of Attaching Castors

One of the great advantages of castors is the relative ease with which they can be removed and attached to various objects. Whether it's a piece of heavy machinery or a shopping trolley, castors can be fixed securely to enhance the mobility of the object.

You can typically attach a castor using bolts, screws, or stem fittings. The process doesn't generally require specialised tools or skills and can be accomplished in minutes. The top plate of the castor is affixed to the underside of the object, ensuring the load is evenly distributed across the castor assembly. The castor is then securely tightened to the object, ensuring it is ready to roll smoothly.

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