What Castors Should You Put On A Roll Cage?
T Tracey Williams

What Castors Should You Put On A Roll Cage?

Dec 6, 2022

Roll cages are used in a wide range of industries to enable easy transportation of items from one place to another. While the type and quality of the roll cage you use can make a difference to how easy your task is, it's the castors fixed at the bottom of the cage that do all the hard work moving the trolley around.

Therefore, taking some time to think about what kind of castors you need for your roll cage should be a high priority. Here are some things to consider.

Working Environment

When deciding what type of industrial trolley wheels you'll need, think about what kind of floor type the trolley or cage will be wheeled across. For instance, if the floor is rough and uneven as opposed to smooth, you'll need to use heavy-duty trolley caster wheels.

If you'll need to manoeuvre the cage around a lot in different or expansive areas, it's worth picking a castor wheel that is large in diameter.

What kind of temperature will you be working in? This might not be the first thing you think about when choosing castor wheels, but actually extreme temperatures of hot or cold can affect the mobility of the castors. Special lubricants can be used to aid castor mobility in this case.

Load Capacity

Castor wheels should be able to bear the weight of the trolley load, so think about what you intend to use your trolley or cage for, and what its load capacity will be. Choose dolly trolley castors wheels that are of the biggest size possible for your needs, to be on the safe side.

Frequency Of Use

Think about how often your roll cage will be used, and what type of industry you operate in. If the cage will be used a lot, each day, then you might want to opt for a more robust castor compared to those roll cages that may only get very infrequent use.

Castor Specs

As well as thinking about the size of castor for offering durability, the material type needs to be considered. Different materials offer different attributes for specific situations, so choose one which fits your circumstances the best. For instance, if you're looking for a castor wheel that is quiet when in motion, rubber is a good choice.

You'll also need to consider the wheel diameter, and the swivel option, if mobility is an important factor. Castors also come with locking options, which locks the wheel and swivel action, for added safety.

General Or Specific?

Consider whether you want general, all-purpose castors or maybe something that's more specific to your requirements. It's important to make sure the castor is fit for purpose, so don't skimp on getting the right one for your needs. Speciality castors may be needed for specific applications, so all-purpose ones won't always be adequate.

Whatever kind of castors you require, our trolley wheels UK business can assist. Take a look at our products and services today.


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